This month saw the UMAe a make up trade show set down in London. I weighed up the pros and cons. Pros being where there are make up products I am happy, I would be travelling with the marvellous Melanie Doyle of MelVic Academy. I would get to catch up and talk about one of my favourite things, ” MAKE-UP.” And cons well the spending of too much money 🙂

I have been to IMATS year in year out and I do adore it but what I found at the UMAe was a cosy aspect that I hadn’t found before at another trade show. It was personal and easy to chat to other artists. It was not threatening nor was it intimidating. It had a sense of community that I always respond to.

For two days I got to chat, play, network, shop, chat, watch amazing artists, play with new brands, chat and then chat some more.

I felt comfortable and inspired which is no mean feat. So next year I will be booking my tickets, continuing to share about this event and be ever hopeful that even though I wish it to grow and develop I also hope that it doesn’t lose it sense of community and accessibility.

Onwards and awaiting the 2017 SHOW…………………..

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