There are bright lights, rows of endless products. Swatch heaven to be had but behind the counter there is weeks of planning organising and simply hard hard graft.

I have had the pleasure to be part of the Pierre Rene team for Scottish Beauty and also this year won tickets via PAM supplies for the UMAe . From both sides of the counter these events are made up of long days, smiling faces, product awareness and opportunities to try new makeup, gadgets or be inspired by the seminars around you.

Poster for UMAe 2016

Poster for UMAe 2016

For make up artist new and old it gives the community freedom to interact with others within differing areas of the Make up industry in a safe environment.

There are make up idols and icons that demonstrate a variety of techniques and creativity.

So for those unsure of exhibitions and events I advise you to take a look. Be active be proactive in your interactions and transactions. Try the new. And experience the displays of what is happening in the industry NOW!

And finally remember to wear comfy shoes as you too will experience after days of walking, shopping and talking ”


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