Make Up and Networking ?

As a make up artist for several years and now a freelancer for the past 12 months I stumbled into the world of networking.

What is it for? Who is it for ? Why and How would it benefit me?

These were all questions I had asked myself before going to my 1st networking event several months ago.

However over the past few months I have found that a few things started to happen, not only did I become more confident in walking up to and talking to random strangers (which is never easy!) I also found it gave me focus. Focus on what I wanted to achieve. Whos business did I feel would be beneficial to me and in turn how I could support and help them.

Networking gave me more insight into small and micro businesses that the feeling of isolation was not just down to me being a new freelancer but this was something ALL sectors of self employed people experience. How networking can build your community and give you understanding into other fields of business I hadn’t even thought about.

Most valuable I found a wealth of knowledge out there with other people and together we could help solve each others problems/needs.

Whether its for building clients, confidence, understanding, focus or support for a freelancer I recommend that you go out there, chat, connect and create new connections and build on your business community.

Events and Networking

Events and Networking