A Make Up Gathering is coming !!

I have been waiting and waiting and yes I have waited for some time more for there to be a make up event in Manchester.

A place where artists could come together, showcase their work. For businesses I knew could have opportunity to reach their community, advise educate and sell there products as well as network.

So I waited some more…………………….

Then I questioned myself. What was I waiting for?

So when I met at a networking event the staff at The Bridgewater Hall https://www.bridgewater-hall.co.uk/and told them of the need for an event that inspired and showcased Make Up artists of all types I couldn’t resist.

I booked it and then began to fill it, with people I knew loved to share, educate and are passionate about make up and this amazing city.

#ShauneHarrisonAcademy  http://shauneharrisonacademy.com/

#TreasureHouseofMakeup   https://www.treasurehouseofmakeup.co.uk/

#TheBrushBeltCompany https://www.brushbelt.co.uk/

#Booksy https://booksy.net/en-gb/

#AccringtonandRossendaleCollege  http://www.accross.ac.uk/

#PaletteOfficial http://www.paletteofficial.com

#TheDancingUnicorn https://www.thedancingunicorn.co.uk/

#JaneHattonHolisticTherapies https://www.facebook.com/JanehattonBeautyandHolistics/

#PatrickBaston https://www.facebook.com/patrickbastonmakeup/

With two competitions to run alongside the event 1: Drag Inspired “Get Your Drag On!”  and the 2: Body Art piece aptly name “It’s NOT so Grim Up NORTH !!”

The Judges involved are : Melanie Doyle owner of #MelVicAcademy http://melvicmakeup.com/based in Warrington  who offers make up artistry courses on levels, Maria Malone-Guerbaa http://www.mariamaloneguerbaa.com/an artist who’s face painting incorporates fine art, illusion and beautiful application and the simply stunning Vivienne Lynsey https://twitter.com/vivienne_lynseydrag queen songstress with a passion for make up .

As the 12th of August approaches this will be the 1st Make up and Body Art Expo. The doors will open at 12 (high noon!) and to the general public and artists alike.                                                         We will have are arms open and our brushes ready !!  The gathering is growing.  Be part of an event that is the 1st of its kind but the start of many. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/make-up-and-body-art-expo-tickets-34763441389?aff=ehomecard