Make Up and Networking ?

As a make up artist for several years and now a freelancer for the past 12 months I stumbled into the world of networking.

What is it for? Who is it for ? Why and How would it benefit me?

These were all questions I had asked myself before going to my 1st networking event several months ago.

However over the past few months I have found that a few things started to happen, not only did I become more confident in walking up to and talking to random strangers (which is never easy!) I also found it gave me focus. Focus on what I wanted to achieve. Whos business did I feel would be beneficial to me and in turn how I could support and help them.

Networking gave me more insight into small and micro businesses that the feeling of isolation was not just down to me being a new freelancer but this was something ALL sectors of self employed people experience. How networking can build your community and give you understanding into other fields of business I hadn’t even thought about.

Most valuable I found a wealth of knowledge out there with other people and together we could help solve each others problems/needs.

Whether its for building clients, confidence, understanding, focus or support for a freelancer I recommend that you go out there, chat, connect and create new connections and build on your business community.

Events and Networking

Events and Networking


A Make Up Gathering is coming !!

I have been waiting and waiting and yes I have waited for some time more for there to be a make up event in Manchester.

A place where artists could come together, showcase their work. For businesses I knew could have opportunity to reach their community, advise educate and sell there products as well as network.

So I waited some more…………………….

Then I questioned myself. What was I waiting for?

So when I met at a networking event the staff at The Bridgewater Hall told them of the need for an event that inspired and showcased Make Up artists of all types I couldn’t resist.

I booked it and then began to fill it, with people I knew loved to share, educate and are passionate about make up and this amazing city.










With two competitions to run alongside the event 1: Drag Inspired “Get Your Drag On!”  and the 2: Body Art piece aptly name “It’s NOT so Grim Up NORTH !!”

The Judges involved are : Melanie Doyle owner of #MelVicAcademy in Warrington  who offers make up artistry courses on levels, Maria Malone-Guerbaa artist who’s face painting incorporates fine art, illusion and beautiful application and the simply stunning Vivienne Lynsey queen songstress with a passion for make up .

As the 12th of August approaches this will be the 1st Make up and Body Art Expo. The doors will open at 12 (high noon!) and to the general public and artists alike.                                                         We will have are arms open and our brushes ready !!  The gathering is growing.  Be part of an event that is the 1st of its kind but the start of many.


Me and Mastered

So last year I was lucky enough to enjoy the Val Garland Make up course on line via @Mastered.

I was a course that stretched and made me question the path I was on, so when the opportunity to apply to be an Ambassador for them I more than jumped at the chance I positively pounced !

I waited and was contacted to say I had be accepted to be part of this group. Approximately 40 ambassadors globally at this point all looking on how to develop collaboration within their local area, bringing creatives together to inspire, develop and grow the community of artistry.

So here I stand with the first and second events already in place and developing.

The first a foamy workshop with a gentleman named John Davis based in Wales he uses foam to create and support a variety of fashion to  theatrical pieces. 13895290_10154058819034580_3386649589226847534_n

The second is a showcase in the Manchester’s mighty Village. Based at Via on Canal Street My and the amazing Big Dee aka Jack Sartorius will be creating a fashion showcase on Halloween to give a platform for Drag artists, models , MUA’s, hairstylists, fashion designers etc on the 31st itself.  correct flyer

Am I nervous oh yes!

Am I excited OH YEAH!

Do I believe in both these ventures ? With the talent there is out there without a doubt !!

To those doubt themselves, take time to look around at the talent that exists be part of it, get to know and give it your support for it will support you . X


Exhibitions and my hot feet.

There are bright lights, rows of endless products. Swatch heaven to be had but behind the counter there is weeks of planning organising and simply hard hard graft.

I have had the pleasure to be part of the Pierre Rene team for Scottish Beauty and also this year won tickets via PAM supplies for the UMAe . From both sides of the counter these events are made up of long days, smiling faces, product awareness and opportunities to try new makeup, gadgets or be inspired by the seminars around you.

Poster for UMAe 2016

Poster for UMAe 2016

For make up artist new and old it gives the community freedom to interact with others within differing areas of the Make up industry in a safe environment.

There are make up idols and icons that demonstrate a variety of techniques and creativity.

So for those unsure of exhibitions and events I advise you to take a look. Be active be proactive in your interactions and transactions. Try the new. And experience the displays of what is happening in the industry NOW!

And finally remember to wear comfy shoes as you too will experience after days of walking, shopping and talking ”


UMAe more than just a weekend away…….

This month saw the UMAe a make up trade show set down in London. I weighed up the pros and cons. Pros being where there are make up products I am happy, I would be travelling with the marvellous Melanie Doyle of MelVic Academy. I would get to catch up and talk about one of my favourite things, ” MAKE-UP.” And cons well the spending of too much money 🙂

I have been to IMATS year in year out and I do adore it but what I found at the UMAe was a cosy aspect that I hadn’t found before at another trade show. It was personal and easy to chat to other artists. It was not threatening nor was it intimidating. It had a sense of community that I always respond to.

For two days I got to chat, play, network, shop, chat, watch amazing artists, play with new brands, chat and then chat some more.

I felt comfortable and inspired which is no mean feat. So next year I will be booking my tickets, continuing to share about this event and be ever hopeful that even though I wish it to grow and develop I also hope that it doesn’t lose it sense of community and accessibility.

Onwards and awaiting the 2017 SHOW…………………..

Making the most of your day !

Jebson Photo-45 No matter who you choose, no matter what look represents you the most important thing to remember about choosing an artist, is how they make you feel.    I advise all brides to have a trail as this is the time to build a relationship of trust and                    understanding as this is one of the most memorial days of your life. You will exchange ideas, work together to achieve a look that’s right for you whether it be a retro look with a crisp red lip or a natural look with a smoky eye twist this is the time to play and develop those ideas together.

At Black and Blue it is all about you, ensuring the look and package is agreed upon beforehand and that most of all you are happy and at ease with the look you have chosen.

It’s about making you happy, relaxed, enjoying the moments, making the most of your day !

Photography with thanks from James Jebson

The Colour is Green

Green LIP When you look at a new lip colour or get hold of a new product it is easy to want to use it every where (and I often do!).

Sometimes its just good to strip it back and focus on one thing, one area, one feature and from there it breathes life into the skin, face and model.

This little beauty of a product is the Star (Jeffree Star’s) of the pic. “Dirty Money,” has a look of a well spent note that has been around the block a few times. It is matt, flawless and dynamic.

Enjoying the androgynous tone it created with skin by MAC’s face and body and just a waft of sexy mother blusher from Soap and Glory.

Here’s hoping you enjoy this pic. Have a grand weekend and be bold, be brave and be you 🙂


Make and hair by ME

Photography by Studio G

Model Natale Rea