The Colour is Green

Green LIP When you look at a new lip colour or get hold of a new product it is easy to want to use it every where (and I often do!).

Sometimes its just good to strip it back and focus on one thing, one area, one feature and from there it breathes life into the skin, face and model.

This little beauty of a product is the Star (Jeffree Star’s) of the pic. “Dirty Money,” has a look of a well spent note that has been around the block a few times. It is matt, flawless and dynamic.

Enjoying the androgynous tone it created with skin by MAC’s face and body and just a waft of sexy mother blusher from Soap and Glory.

Here’s hoping you enjoy this pic. Have a grand weekend and be bold, be brave and be you 🙂


Make and hair by ME

Photography by Studio G

Model Natale Rea